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Bay area Endovascular Summit (BEST), the predecessor of Endovascular Asia, was first held in Osaka in 2010. This international academic meeting is characterized with the close partnership with experts in Asia and the involvement of those specialized in other than cardiovascular internal medicine, such as vascular surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology and paramedic. Wide discussions have been held there on the diagnostic treatment of peripheral arterial disease.

The meeting just started from one room at a hotel, but has since steadily increased its scale. This year, the venue has been changed for the first time and it takes place in Kyoto. A venue is also set for paramedic and the two meetings will progress simultaneously at both places. A live streaming of endovascular treatments are also planned. Three treatments at Omihachiman Community Medical Center will be broadcast, adding more enhancements to the whole meeting.

As the diagnostic treatments in the field of peripheral arterial disease has made rapid progress, more discussions should be made on multidisciplinary approaches. Transborder discussions would be more beneficial. We expect active contributions from the experts to the Endovascular Asia and are convinced that we will be able to provide with a beneficial time. It would be our pleasure if you could fully enjoy the meeting itself and the city of Kyoto.

Endovascular Asia 2015 Course Director
Kan Zen (Omihachiman Community Medical Center)

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