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Endovascular Asia 2016 successfully completed with extensive attendance of interdisciplinary specialists. Endovascular Asia 2017 will be held on 2nd December 2017. Please save the date in your calendar. We wish you a merry Christmas and the best New Year ever !

Endovascular Asia 2016

English is the official language of the Endovascular Asia 2016 Meeting. There will be simultaneous translation into Japanese and English at the all programs.

Students are asked to show their IDs like student cards at the venue registration desk on the day.
Residents are asked to show their IDs like staff cards at the venue registration desk on the day.

Update information

  • 2016.12.03 Opening Video Added
  • 2016.12.02 Updated to Program
  • 2016.11.28 Updated to Program, Directors & Faculty
  • 2016.11.25 Updated to Program
  • 2016.11.01 Updated to Directors & Faculty
  • 2016.10.25 Updated to Program
  • 2016.10.19 Started the pre-registration
  • 2016.10.13 Greeting Added
  • 2016.10.11 Program, Directors & Faculty Added
  • 2016.09.30 Access Added
  • 2016.02.22 Open the HP "Endovascular Asia 2016"
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